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Friday, October 7, 2016

YouTube Prankster Tricks Viewers Into Drilling A Headphone Jack Into The iPhone 7...And People Drilled!!!

Apple just recently officially launched the much awaited iPhone 7 flagship devices with one of the notable design changes being the absence of an earphone jack (instead introducing Apple earpods).

This tech design was met with mixed reactions with a larger part of the apple fanboys not appreciating the absence of the earphone jack.

Image result for iphone 7 earphone jack image

However, this has got mixed reaction worldwide. Some people were disappointed because of this move. 

A devious YouTube uploader "TechRax" - in what seems to be a genuine DIY video - has targeted such disgruntled
apple iPhone 7 users.

The video (below) has already attracted over 14 million views!!

TechRax uploaded the seemingly DIY video which show viewers how to drill a 3.5mm hole into the iPhone 7 (to create an earphone jack for headphone insertion to listen to music). 

This video must have been done in good humour.

Some viewers however were lost to the humor in the video and actually took the tutorial serious and actually drilled their precious iPhone 7 devices!

See some of the comments below, some are quite hilarious, I feel for those who fell for the prank, eish!




It takes a certain level of gullibility to actually believe and actually drill your iPhone, dang!!!

If you still feel like becoming an overnight OEM engineer, then go drill a earphone jack into your iPhone and do share your result using the comments box (I suggest you don't though #NerddictCares)

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