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Friday, November 4, 2016

Airtel To Pay Angry Subscriber N5 Million After Lawsuit On Unsolicited Disturbances!!

A man, Mr Emmanuel Anene has won N5 million in a suit against telecom company Airtel.

Mr Anene had on December 21, 2015 filed a suit against Airtel for continued disturbances through unsolicited messages to his line, sueing for N200 million in damages.

While the suit was filed, telco company Airtel Ng refused to acknowledge the plaintiff’s suit thus forcing the hand of the court to court award the sum of N5 million to the plaintiff (should have been more IMO).

NCC had in the past forced telecom companies to avail a "Do not disturb" feature to subscribers but it turns out that there stands a chance you miss out on important, possibly life changing messages.

Unsolicited messages is
a thing with these telecoms, at times they force you to mistakenly subscribe to unwanted offers with popup messages.

In the case of Mr Anene, he earned himself a cool N5 million as the court on November 2nd, 2016 ruled that “the defendant has been directed to pay to the plaintiff damages not the N200 million the plaintiff asked for but N5 million only.

Sueing these telcos seem to be the way to go!
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