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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Airtel Triple Surf Offer: Get Up To 100% Data Bonuses On Data Purchases And Renewals!!!

Airtel has launched a new data bundle plan which is simply awesome for internet data users, the new Airtel Triple Surf bundle plans offer a cool 100% data bonus on data purchases and data subscription renewals.

With this new offer, Airtel rewards dedicated internet data subscribers on the network.

The Airtel Triple Surf is not a "stand alone" data bundle, it is simply an offer that gives Airtel users percentage based bonuses on "subscribed-for" data bundles.
The bonus percentage given is dependent on the Airtel data bundle you have subscribed for.


The following are benefits Airtel subscribers stand to enjoy with Airtel Triple Surf:

  • 50% bonus data when you activate any of the applicable data plans
  • As much as 75% bonus data on first renewal
  • As much as 100% bonus data on 2nd renewal


To activate the Airtel Triple Surf data bonus offering, follow the steps detailed below:

  • Dial simple ussd code *141#
  • Choose the "Triple Surf Offer" from the popup menu (i.e option 2)
  • A list of applicable bundles is displayed
  • Activate a suitable "applicable data bundle" from the list provided


Plan Name          Price      Volume    1st subscription      1st Renewal             2nd Renewal
Daily                      100         30MB                   50%                  75%                            100%
3 day                     200         50MB                   50%               75%                            100%
Weekly                  300         80MB                   50%               75%                            100%
Easy                     500        750MB                    50%               75%                            100%
Android1             1000         1.5GB                     50%                 50%                           50%
Android 2            2000         3.5GB                     50%                 50%                           50%
Android 3.5         3500         7GB                        50%                 50%                           50%

After activating either of the applicable data bundles, you can check your data bundle balance by:

  • Dialing simple ussd code *140#
I personally think the Airtel "Triple Surf" data offer is pretty cool, what do you think of the offer?
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Let us know what you think!

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