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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Checkout Supported 4G Bands Of MTN, Glo, Etisalat & Ntel

The 4G LTE movement is definetely the ish right now! With almost all the telcos in the country (NGR) offering support for 4G LTE services (barring Airtel NG), it is almost a sin not to have a 4G enabled smartphone device.
Image result for 4g lte image
However, the uncool news is the fact that these telecom services offers their 4G LTE services on different bands which might or might not be supported by
the 4G enabled smartphone device you use.
I am posting this to show the different bands supported by these telecom services (MTN, Glo< Etisalat, Ntel) to help dear Nerddicts make better decisions on which service they should opt for or in deciding a 4G enabled smartphone to purchase.


Carrier4G LTE BandsFrequencies
MTN7, 202600MHz, 800MHz
Ntel3, 81800MHz, 900MHz

The above details which band is supported by each of these telecom services, making it easier to decide which of the telecom 4G LTE services suits you and your smartphone.

However, if you have or plan on getting the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, you need not worry about bands as part of the awesomeness of the device includes global support for ALL 4G LTE bands!!!

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