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Monday, November 14, 2016

Chinese Team Hacks Google Pixel In 60 Seconds!!!

Google's flagship device: the Google Pixels launched and over the short period has stamped its place as the number 1 Android smartphone while rivaling iOS devices: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s as the best smartphone in the world.

Upon the Google Pixels launch, Google’s Security chief was quoted saying:
“For almost all threat models [the Pixels and iPhone] are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities".
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That claim has however been swiftly debunked as the Google alleged "iOs identical platform level security" Google pixel device has been hacked by a Chinese hacker team...and in under 60 seconds too!!!.

The team hacked the Google Pixel smartphone at the
PwnFest in Seoul last week.
The white-hat hacker team from Qihoo 360 used an undisclosed security flaw to perform a remote code execution attack, winning a $120,000 cash prize from the company for the feat.

Google has subsequently stated the bug used in the hacking attack has been fixed in a space of 24 hours after the hack.

The hack is the second time the allegedly "secure Google Pixel has been breached in a space of 2 weeks with Qihoo 360 also breaching Adobe Flash in just 4 seconds!!!.

These hacks on the Pixel exposes phone calls, messages, contacts and photos stored on the device.

Well, Google wassup?
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