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Friday, November 4, 2016

Glo Revamps "Double Free Tomorrow" Offer (Give 200% Bonus On Airtime Usage) & Gbam Plus Tariff (11K/Sec Global Flat Call Rate)!!!

Globacom telecom just launched the "Glo Borrow Data" offer where subscribers on the Glo network get to borrow data up to 2GB, Glo while announcing the launch of the "borrow data" offer also announced the revamp of other existing offers.

Double Free Tomorrow: This plan gives a cool 200% of the amount of airtime spent on calls, SMS and data spent today back to the subscriber the next day...FREE!

Image result for glo double free tomorrow

Previously, on this offer (Glo Free Tommorow), airtime worth spent on voice calls, SMS and data today is credited back to the user FREE the next day.
The revamped offer has Globacom telecom calculating the amount of airtime used by a subscriber in a day for internet services, phone calls and SMS and then crediting
said subscriber with double (200%) of airtime used at the start of the next day!

Breaking that down, if you use N500 worth of airtime today for voice calls, SMS or browsing the internet, you would be credited with FREE N1,000 airtime tomorrow!!

To enjoy the Glo Double Free Tomorrow 
  • Simply dial ussd code *300#.

Gbam Plus: This is another revamped Glo voice call tariff that lets Glo subscribers enjoy a drastically reduced voice call rate on both local and international calls. 

Voice calls under this revamped tariff plan are charged @ 11k/s (N6.66/minute) to all local networks and for international calls (up to 30 global destinations).

To migrate to Glo Gbam Plus:

  • Simply dial ussd code *211# 
NB: There is a daily access fee charge of N5 on the Glo Gbam Plus Tariff plan
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