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Monday, November 21, 2016

WHATSAPP TRICK: How To Know A Message Has Been Read Even If The Recipient Has His "Read Receipts" Turned Off!!!

There are time when you send a message to a friend via messaging app Whatsapp and it remains unread - or so it would seem.

Most time such messages are read and ignored due to reasons best known to the message recipient without the sender being any wiser.

Image result for whatsapp read check mark image

This is achieved by the message recipient turning off  "read receipts" on his/her Whatsapp app.
However, here is a simple way of knowing if a message recipient has read your whatsapp message even if he has his "read reciepts" turned off.

The trick is awesome in its simplicity!

Simply send a voice recording to the message receipient, tempting them to play the voice message on their end.
As soon as they play the voice message on their end, Voila! — the elusive blue check mark indicating they had earlier viewed your previous messages is shown!

This trick is quite handy when you are tracking that elusive debtor or that sneaky boyfriend or girlfriend or...

Whatsapp has also just released an update for their app with the new "video call" feature introduced!

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