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Friday, November 18, 2016

TECH HUMOR: 9 Hilarious Signs Your Village People Are Against Your Black Friday Shopping!!!

The annual Black Friday shopping spree started on Monday, the 14th of November and is going to run for 12 days until 25th of November!

Image result for jumia black friday image

The Black Friday sales offers you an opportunity to purchase that product or gadget that you have been eyeing for a considerable discount.

However, those of us who annually participates in the shopping spree know of the struggle of placing an order, below is 9 "very real" hilarious struggles of Black Friday shoppers

  • You, when your Black Friday money drops into your account
Image result for dancing gif

shopping is the best time!!
  • When your bank now starts cutting their own share because "ATM maintenance"
Image result for anger images

They are mad and they don't have anyone to tell them, mtchwww
  • When you set your alarm for 12 o'clock but it doesn't wake you for 2 good hours

When sleep does not want you to flourish in life, chai
  • You, when NEPA now takes off light when you're shopping

Kuku kill me na!
  • When their site now decides to crash when you're almost done
Image result for angry tired person

Every! Fucking!! Time!!!
  • You waiting for their site to come back up

...It's been hundred years
  • Whet it FINALLY comes back up, You're like...
Image result for happy ecstatic person

Praise Jahofaa!!!
  • You, when you're about to checkout your order and your laptop dies
Image result for leave me alone to die cartoon gif

My village witches haff finally succeded
  • When you finally give up, You're like...
Image result for angry tired person

Let me go to my Computer Village jejely jare, cannot coman kee myself

Post credit: Zikoko

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