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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Linda Ikeji Launches Linda Ikeji Social: A Social Networking, Blogging & Online Marketing Website!!!

Popular Nigerian female blogger, Linda Ikeji of  has launched a new social neyworking website which also has a touch of blogging.
The new website LIS: Linda Ikeji Social is created to rival the likes of Facebook and OLX (Yeah, thats the dream!).
On the new development, here is an excerpt from Linda Ikeji's speaking on the inspiration behind
the new innovation:
"Sometime in April this year, I went out somewhere and I met two ladies who approached me, they are big fans of the blog. While we were chatting, they told me that they only visited two websites. My blog and Facebook".
"I wondered later on, if these women were given a choice to choose between my site or facebool, which one would it be? I kept wondering, and the idea camne to me, and I was like, why can't I have a website that is a combination of both blogging annd social networking. The answer to that burning question is LIS"

LIS is a platform where users can “make friends, be the first to know when things happen, have fun, and get awesome rewards.” To join this community, users can either create a free account or sign up using their Facebook accounts.
LIS is not just a social networking website, there is also an opportunity for monitization using the platform, as users of the platform can make cool cash through the sales authentic &original stories (with a stipulated cash reward of N1,000 per story). You can also make cool cash through your pages, with users having large following (50k folowers at least) beeing awarded a cool 25% of ad revenue made on the platform. LIS would also be having gift and cash giveaways!
lis-2Revenue made from the above ventures will be credited to you LIS wallet. Additionally, users on the LIS platform can purchase and sell goods and services too (there is however no information on cost attachments on transactions made on the platform).
Linda Ikeji's LIS project is quite nice, but with similar services already available (the likes of Facebook's Facebook marketplace and OLX comes to mind), it remains to be seen what impact the platform would make and if it will be embrassed.
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