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Monday, November 28, 2016

WTF: NCC Directs All Telcos To Increase Data Bundle Prices Effective From 1st Dec, 2017!!!!

In a development that can only be described as at best a travesty, Nigeria Communications Commision, NCC has mandated all telecommunication companies in the country (NGR) to increase data rates starting from the 1st of December, 2016.

Image result for ncc nigeria image

This is coming at a time when the country is already being crippled by economic hardship and recession.
NCC clearly only care for generating money for the government regardless of how it affects cash strapped citizens (who for a reason or the other cannot do without the internet).

And trust South African owned telecom company MTN to be the first to implement this!
Simply calling MTN self-help service number (181) and your ears would be stabbed with the official NCC announcement.

 We are at a time when wise use of internet data is highly advised.

If you are a GLO user, you can make use of the still BLAZING GLO Psiphon handler tweak.

They can bend us but they wont break us!!


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