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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ntel Launch VOXHD Android App: Offers VoLTE & SMS over LTE Services, Download HERE!!!

Nigeria telecom company Ntel has launched an official android app i.e VOXHD app which would enable users on the Ntel network make voice calls as well as sending text messages over the Ntel 4G LTE network. 

Previously, the Ntel 4G LTE services only allow users make use of data services (over the network). The introduction of the Ntel android app is quite welcomed by all users on the network.

Ntel VOXhd android app provides Ntel user with crystal clear HD Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service, Short Message Service (SMS over LTE) as well as other traditional features expected from a cellular voice service.


  • A friendly UI (User Interface) 
  • Text Messaging
  • High Defination Voice calls 
  • Contacts integration

The Ntel VOXhd app is currently only supportive of android devices (v4.0 upwards), fingers crossed on it reaching iOs devices.

If you are a Ntel user with a 4G enabled android smartphone, download Ntel VOXhd Android app HERE

NB: Ntel VoXHD app is compatible ONLY with ntel SIM cards 
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