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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

4G LTE Network: Pros & Cons

One of the best telecommunication development of 2016 was the introduction of 4G LTE services by telcos in the country (NGR).

4G services had been available via internet service providers such as Spectranet (checkout Spectranet Unlimited Gold data bundle plan: 100GB+ monthly), Smile etc but their services were not SIM based hence the major fanfare when Ntel first introduced the Ntel 4G LTE services.

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At that point, Ntel were set to enjoy a market monopoly of the 4G LTE services but MTN were having none of it!

Globacom were next to sneakishly launch the Glo 4G LTE services and it comes offering the best 4G data bundle plans of them all

Etisalat followed suit by launching the Etisalat 4G services and there was even room for newbies InterC to launch their own 4G services too!!!

4G LTE (fourth generation long term evolution) offers the type of speed Usian Bolt would be proud of when it comes to internet surfing and it offers a considerable improvement in speed when compared to 3G services.

However, while 4G LTE has cool advantages it is not without its disadvantages



  • Offers up to 10X faster internet speed compared to 3G
  • It offers higher bandwith
  • It offers beastly high voice quality
  • Offers swift downloads over WiFi
  • Offers awesome streaming quality (audio and video)
  • Stable internet connection
  • No throttling


  • 4G LTE data bundles are more expensive than 3G bundles
  • Some smartphone devices does not offer support for 4G LTE services
  • 4G LTE consumes a lot of battery juice
  • It consumes data excessively in comparison to 3G network
  • Heating is an issue when using 4G LTE services excessively on smartphones as it consumes battery juice and makes the battery heat up and in extension the smartphone heats up too
  • Availability of different 4G bands makes the choice of 4G enabled smartphones tricky as the different service providers operates via different 4G bands

These are the pros and cons of 4G LTE services, the 4G experience is definite very cool but I would advice you stick to 3G services if you are a mild internet user but if your downloading skills are on fleek, then by all means 4G LTE is the way to go!!!
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