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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Google Partners With Nokia For Android Smartphone Build & Design

Information about the much anticipated Nokia Android smartphone keeps popping up left, right and center!
The latest info has Nokia partnering with one of the biggest dogs in the tech game to roll out their Android device.
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And it does not take a sage to guess who that big dog is...
Or does it?

When stress your head no further as the rumored big backing/partneship is none other than Google (according to UberGizmo)

Image result for google logo fancy

Google is said to
be in partnership with Nokia on the development of what would seem to be quite "the device"
Google would be making input provisions to HMD Global (the company owning the Nokia brand licence).
No substantial details has been revealed about the partnership but it would definitely bode well for the device.

Expectations regarding Nokia Android has definitely heightened with this latest development, the stock android experience (which gives users complete customization freedom) is expected as well as the inclusion out-of-the-box of Google apps i.e Google Allo and Google Duo

We keep waiting in anticipation of the official roll out of the Nokia Android smartphones which is going to happen in a few months (first or second quarter of 2016).
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