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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

MMM Sends Investors Into Panic Mode, Freezes ALL Accounts For A Month!!!

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MMM has "frozen" all confirmed accounts for a month!!!

MMM Nigeria had previously offered a 30% gain on all monies invested in the scheme after 30 days but just recently upped the stakes by increasing the profit of investment to a cool 50%

With the timing of this "freeze", it begs the question if the profit hike was a calculated ploy (just musing...)

Below the message the scheme put up for MMM participants:

This is coming at a time when millions of Nigerians had invested in the scheme in expectancy of earnings/payment before Christmas festivities.

For now, the term "freeze" is being used not "crash" but I think one preceeds the other as panic is already in the air for MMM investors and it is known that with these ponzi schemes, panic is the first step towards a shattering crash! 

I had a few months written a post  SCAM ALERT: Beware of MMM ponzi scheme- protect your finance!!! advising potential investors to tread carefully when investing in this scheme if they cannot altogether resist the admittedly irresistible lure (there are a lot of visible testimonies) of the scheme and I was bashed.

I pray this temporary "freeze" don't turn out to be a permanent "crash" as I know a lot of friends who have invested huge sums of money in MMM.

Let's see how it goes.

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