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Thursday, December 8, 2016

FUCKERY: MTN Implore Nigerian Govt To Ban WhatsApp Messenger, Others!!!

The telecommunications scene in the country (NGR) is standing on the ledge of plunging into a comedic chaotic sea.

Barely a few days after a proposed addition of tax to all voice calls that lasts above 180 seconds and NCC's proposed enforcement of data bundle price increase (which was later bounced by the Nigerian senate), another comedy type situation is looking to unfold with South African owned telecom company MTN pressing for the ban of instant messaging platform Whatsapp (and similar type apps)!

Image result for whatsapp ban image

Like WTF??!!! Remember, the same MTN were the very first telecom company to attemp enforcing NCC's ridiculous data hike which subsequently left them red in the face after they had to backtrack upon the Senate's overturn of the proposed hike.

MTN CEO, Mr Ferdinand Moolman has suggested the 
ban of Whatsapp because "it is affecting their services".

 According to Moolman, the activities of ‘over-the-top’ companies such as Facebook owned WhatsApp, Viber etcetera have adverse effects on its business and affects the sustainability of Nigeria’s telecommunications industry (like seriously?).

Moolman pointed out that these companies were eroding gains of Nigeria’s telecom companies and asked the Nigerian government to take action in what would be a move similar to that of the United Arab Emirates UAE government i.e banning of the platforms (Whatsapp and Snapchat calls are banned in UAE).

I find this quite ridiculous and I am sure you do too, but there is a possibility of this happening considering the readiness of entities like NCC to enforce such ridiculous rules as seen with the data price hike fiasco.

What do you think of this? Are you in support of a nationwide ban of Whatsapp?

Share your thoughts using the comments box.
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