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Friday, December 2, 2016

AWESOME!!! Senate Forces NCC To Back Down On Internet Data Price Hike Mandate!!!

Barely days after NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) made the ridiculous mandate to all telecommunication companies in the country (NGR) to increase internet data bundle prices - a move that was rightly met with general nationwide uproar and anger - NCC on Wednesday 30th November announced the immediate suspension of the Data bundle price increase mandate.

The new rate which would have led to a massive increase in internet data bundle prices (MTN already announced a 300% increase in their bundle prices, like seriously!) starting from the 1st of December was halted after a the senate ordered a HALT to the nonsense!

NCC however stated that the decision to suspend their ridiculous mandate was to allow for further consultation (Bulls%%t!!!) 

NCC's job is supposed to be the regulation of these telecommunication companies' tariffs and deductions to prevent them ripping off subscribers but now NCC seems to be the poster-face of the problem, mandating an increase in data bundles (Like, who does that???)

I think those in power at NCC should be probed!

What do you think of NCC's mandate?

Do you think they should be probed?

Do you think the senate did an AWESOME job in halting the "ridiculous nonsense"?

State your views using the comments box!
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