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Friday, December 16, 2016

Spectranet UNLIMITED Gold Plan: Get 100GB+ Monthly!!!

Spectranet has introduced a new internet data bundle that is quite awesome i.e  Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan.

This is a quite welcome development coming not so long after the NCC data price hike fiasco,

Spectranet's move is similar to Smile's (another 4G internet service provider) but unlike Smile, it does not data throttle.

Another 4G internet service provider that offers unlimited internet data plans is Ntel, however they do not have a nationwide reach yet which is quite similar to Spectranet's offering (i.e the Gold plan is only available in Lagos and this period).

Spectranet's unlimited data plan are however quite on the high side (in my opinion), costing a wallet punching N18,000 monthly! (as against Smile and Ntel's N10,000 per month billing).


When you subscribe for Spectranet Unlimited Gold plan, you get to enjoy:

  • 24/7 full speed internet access on the service network
  • A fair usage policy of 100GB within the validity period (after which surfing speed will be reduced to FUP of 512 Kpbs)
  • A validity period of 30 days

Apart from the pricing, I think the Spectranet Gold plan is cool, I dom't know about you but 100GB in a month is sufficient for me (admittedly I do not download much).

If you feel this plan suits you (your business and your wallet), I'd say go for it!

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