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Friday, December 16, 2016

SPONSORED: Clean Your Android Device With Systweak Android Cleaner

Technological advancements have changed the way we used to communicate with others. Mobile phone revolution has played a crucial role in the spring of development in a communication network.

Next came mobile apps, which was again revolutionary in terms of performing day to day tasks. Today you can find multiple apps option for almost any of your work and the number is growing. In this race,

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Android cleaner apps have contributed significantly to keep Android devices intact. One such impressive app is Systweak Android Cleaner which is the complete package for any Android device. It offers some amazing features which make it a perfect tool for your device.

SysTweak Android Cleaner Features

Home Page: 

At the home page, it displays multiple information about your device like RAM uses occupied storage space, battery uses, and other features. You can click on “RAM Used” button to instantly release some RAM, as it works as a phone booster.

Junk Files: 

You can find all your device junk files under this feature. It displays junk files in different heads like external application cache, temporary files, APK files, unused folders and largest files. You can go to the specific folder to manage content it holds.

Duplicate files: 

This is a useful addition to Android cleaner apps as your device holds lot of duplicate data. This duplicate data not only occupy storage space but it affects system speed and performance negatively. It displays duplicate files under various folders like music, photos, documents and videos. You can also find all duplicate files under “ALL” tab. The scanning process may take time according to the volume of data it needs to scan.

Further, it displays results in an auto-mark format where the last file from the group is marked to be deleted. You can select the first file to be deleted with alternate option “Mark All except Last”. You can even “Unmark All” files to manually select files to be deleted. You can take backup of the files on Cloud or simply delete them to recover some precious storage space.

Unmark Shortest File Location: 

You can find this option under “Duplicate Files” feature. Using this function, you can unmark such files which exist at the shortest file location on device storage. This way you can retain such files for quick access.


This feature requires “Accessibility Service Permission” before it starts working. Once you agreed to it, it will help you recover some storage space on your device by sending unnecessary apps and programs to hibernate mode. 

This way it will stop them running in the background and using device resources. You can access them anytime again in future at your will. You can add any System App or User App to the list. This is one of the unique features offered by any Android cleaner app.

File Explorer:  

It displays all your device files under various folders like photos, music, videos, media files etc. It also displays space occupied by these file folders. 
You can view the folder, take the backup of the file or simply delete them to recover some storage space. You can also share files using sharing feature.

App Manager: 

App Manager displays all the apps on your device and allows you to manage them efficiently. It displays apps along with space it occupies. You can archive the app/apps or simply uninstall them. In archive folder, it stores “installation file” of the app/apps so that you can retrieve it anytime in future.

Game SpeedUp: 

This feature turns your device into a dedicated gaming platform. Once you add any game or app to this list and run it, it will automatically clean the device RAM to provide better performance to run these selected items.
It helps you run selected games/apps with better speed by stopping other programs and apps running in the background to clean some RAM.

Battery Saver: 

It displays all battery details under this feature. It also displays battery draining functions so that you can manage them well. 
By pressing TURN BATTERY SAVER ON you can stop all such battery draining functions instantly.

Cloud Backup: 

You can avail this feature to take backup of files on cloud servers.


  • You can turn on or off Notifications from the app.
  • You can set Auto Cleaning time of the device at specific intervals like after every 2 hours or 4 hours etc. 
  • You can add apps to Ignore List to evict them from the scanning process. 
  • You can select the language of your choice from given list of language options. 
  • It offers multiple themes to select from. 

Verdict: Systweak Android Cleaner offers a complete package to keep your device health intact.
It not only works as an efficient android cleaner app but it offers extensive features like battery saver, Cloud backup, duplicate files remover, and useful hibernate mode. 

The extensive features it offers make it useful itself. You can use this app to feel that “Stock” Android experience again. I strongly recommend it!

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