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Monday, January 9, 2017

CES 2017: Checkout Awesome BenjiLock Smart-Padlock With Fingerprint Security Scanner!!!

The annual CES event is definitely the most awesome tech event ant the CES 2017 is no different with a lot of awesome gadgets and devices being announced.

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One of the interesting gadget on display at the CES 2017 event is the BenjiLock.

The BenjiLock device is essentially a padlock (for locking up gates and the likes), but more macho!

BenjiLock was announced and it comes featuring additional security features that makes it basically a "padlock with tech abs and muscles".

BenjiLock is a rechargeable, stainless-steel padlock device that comes equipped with fingerprint technology that supports up to four distinct fingerprints and saves them in an encrypted chip which allows users effortlessly crack open the 7-pin device with a finger of choice.

The BenjiLock is the first of its kind (having additional mobile staple), making it kind of an upgrade to an existing similar technology in the existing TappLock padlock security gadget.

The BenjiLock runs on a battery that can last a year on a single charge! - while also coming with a set of physical keys (in case an issue arises with the fingerprint reader, the device runs out of battery or you just need someone to unlock it when you are unavailable). 

If someone attempts to unlock it without your approval, the device will automatically wipe your info and require keys. 

The BenjiLock prototype is gloss-white exterior.but the device will be available in different color variants i.e sky white, jet black, brass, copper, and stainless steel

The BenjiLock is will be released in the third quarter of the year 2017 at a retail price of just $80 (about N36,000).

This gadget would definitely offer more security and protection for storage containers, warehouses and the likes and it comes relatively cheap

What do you think of this cool gadget?
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