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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How To Create Custom Emoji Stickers Using Labeley

Emojis have never been this popular since they first appeared in the late 1990’s. Their popularity can surely be attributed to the rise of social media and mobile tech.

According to some sources, over 90% of Internet users use emojis in their communication. Some people even argue that emojis should be treated as a separate language with its own syntax and rules of use.

Whether it is just a trend, a millennial thing or a milestone in linguistic studies, emojis are not only fun but also a convenient way to communicate. 

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Not everyone is good with words, and sometimes people find it hard to express their emotions in a regular, vocal way. 
That’s where emojis come in handy: even bad news sounds better if communicated with help of with these colorful symbols.

We all heard about emoji keyboards and how they are mostly used on mobile devices. But, did you know there is an online app that lets you create your own emojis and download them as stickers? 

With Labeley Emojis, you can now emojify your surroundings and show everyone how you feel. Custom emoji stickers are great for both decorative and educational projects, and Labeley app turns everyone into an emoji designer in minutes.

To see how it works from up-close, take a look at this quick tutorial:

  • Choose your emoji shape

  • Add background color 

  • Now you can play with different elements such as emoji eyebrows, mouth, nose, eye shape etc.

Once your emoji is finished, make sure to save it by clicking on the Save Label button. 

To download your newly created emoji, visit My Designs folder, right-click on you emoji design and choose ‘Save As’ option.

Top Feature of Labeley:

Labeley app also supports uploading your own image and turning it into an emoji. 
If you have a special occasion and you wish to surprise your closest circle with a personal photo turned emoji, that’s a cool option to keep in mind. 

Go ahead and create your emoji stickers in a flash!
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