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Friday, January 6, 2017

Checkout Awesome 6.75 Million Naira Razer "Project Valerie" Computer: Features Three 4K Screen Displays!!!

So, I posted about the pretty dope Acer’s Predator 21 X which cost a "pocket friendly" of N3.6 million and this is coming just after an MTK Gionee M2017 device was unveiled and available for sale at N1.2 million!!

I just saw another stunning PC on Misstechy which goes for about $15,000 (about N6,750,000!!!).

Razer has unveiled a new PC called "the Project Valerie" and it is set to be the world’s first automated triple display laptop!!

Mind-blowing right?
The Razer’s Project Valerie is essentially a three-headed beast of a gaming that is sure to be appreciated by gamers, programmers and hackers alike!

Each of the laptop’s 17.3inch displays rocks 4k resolution, which adds up to 12k in total (i.e 12X the resolution you get from your 1080p TV)!!!

The pixels on this device is powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, producing a total resolution of 11,520 x 2,160px across the expansive triple display setup (dang!).

The 3 screens unfold automatically when you power on the device, otherwise it looks like your normal laptop when switched off with its extra screens folded in.

This amazing monster of a laptop weighs about 12lbs which is quite heavy ,(heavier than an average desktop PC).

While "Project Valerie" is still generally an idea, with time I guess we would see if Razer would come good on their promise of building what will be a stunning, mind-blowing gadget.

What do you think of this monster gadget?
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