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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Smartphones Overheating: Main Causes And Simple Solutions

The issues of heating is a norm for most smartphone users. Overheating in smartphone devices often arises when such a device is undergoing charge, under use or in recess mode.

Overheating causes your device's battery to drain and in extreme cases it can cause your device to explode: case study being the Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 "explosive" fiasco.

This post highlights why devices overheat and ways you can combat overheating issues on your smartphone devices.

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1. Missing Updates: When was the last time you updated your Apps and firmware/OS if you have not been updating your apps and operating system, chances are your smartphone is running un-optimized Apps and OS.

You must install the OS patches which are pushed by the smartphone manufacturers to ensure bug fixes and keep all your apps upto date.

To do this go to play store and look for My apps and choose update all. To check OS updates go to settings and find the About Phone tab and then system updates.

2. Too Many processes (Apps) running at same time: When too many Apps are running on your device background, it will definitely cause it to heat up. In this case, you can download Systweak Android cleaner app; Systweak cleaner can remove junk files as well as free up ram by closing unused applications to cool down your smartphone.

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Otherwise download Greenify if your smartphone is rooted. Greenify is a great tool to manage overheating as well as improve battery life. It can close Facebook and Whatsapp which tend to use lot of Ram and at times keep the processor busy with useless work.

3. Enable /WIFI / 3G/ 4G ONLY when required: This is a must for all users who are doing a lot of multi-tasking on the smartphones, usually the 2G signals are stronger and phone need to do less work while searching for it. 
For extended battery life and performance keep your phone on 2G if possible.
Turn On WIFI /3G / 4G whenever required it will also reduce load on the smartphone processor and help it cool down faster.

4. Too Many Apps Installed: More Apps you have on the smartphone more processes continue to run in the background – Apps like Facebook and it’s messenger continue to run background processes.

Try removing the Apps which you have not used for last 15 days. I always periodically check my smartphone to remove apps which I haven’t used for many days.

5. Disable unwanted Functions like Bluetooth & Location Settings: First thing you need to do is check and disable the location tracking, in case it is own and your maps application is using it, you will observe a higher battery drain and also your phone continue to search for the GPS signal and cause heating.

Also you can turn off the bluetooth if it is not being used as the bluetooth continues to search for new devices in vicinity and adds load to the processor by continue to keep the smartphone awake.

5. Fake Battery: Is your phone battery original or fake? If it is fake, it can wreak havoc on your smartphones operations, overheating and excess charge and discharge. When it is fake, it drains faster
Always get the genuine batteries either by contacting the service center or buy it from an authorized dealer for the mobile brand.

6. Don’t Use the Smartphone when Charging: This is the cardinal rule you must follow, must not play games or use data to watch videos when your smartphone is charging; as processor will come under huge amount of stress and definitely all of the smartphone will heat up due to this.

post credit: Yomiprof
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