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Saturday, February 11, 2017

5G Logo Unveiled: ConnectivityTo Be 20 Times Faster Than 4G LTE!!!

While we are still getting a handle on the super swift 4G LTE connectivity network, work has commenced on the rollout of fifth generation wireless broadband technology i.e 5G.

The 5G network is based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard and has now a logo has been assigned to the 5G fifth generation wireless broadband technology by 3GPP.

5G would come offering faster and better internet speed than the already swift 4G LTE network with 
Huawei stating the 5G will be 100X faster than 4G LTE offers.

5G has also increased network expandability up to hundreds and thousands of connections. It operates with a 5Ghz signal and is set to offer speed up to 1 Gb/s for tens of connections or tens of Mb/s for tens of thousands of connections. 

However, lets take a chill pill as the 5G is not scheduled to be launched until 2020 (mood damper).
Companies looking to make use the 5G logo are advised to read the logo policy before usage.

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