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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Whatsapp Two-Factor Authentication: Importance And Activation Process

Whatsapp has officially rolled out the two-factor authentication to ALL users of the app. The feature has been around for a while but ony to BETA testers.

The official roll out of the two-factor authentication is a move in making the instant messaging platform safer to use for its over a billion users.

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The two-factor authentication is essentially an enhanced security measure that adds a second layer to the log-in process, making it more difficult for intruders to access your account and it is quite well advised that you turn on the feature even though it is "optional".

If you choose to (and I strongly suggest you do) turn on the two-factor authentication for your Whatsapp, below are detailed steps on how to go about it

  • Be sure to have the current Whatsapp version running on your device (download atest versions  from playstore or itunes)
  •  Launch Whatsapp
  • Go to account settings 
  • Locate the new "Two-step verification" option and tap on it
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  • Tap on the "Enable" button
  • Enter a 6-digit passcode of choice (this will be requested for each time you try to register your phone number with WhatsApp)
  • Confirm your passcode
  • Also provide a valid email address (this will be needed if you ever need to reset your passcode)
Voila! Done!

Two-factor authentication is now activated on your Whatsapp account and you are protected from hacking vulnerabilities.

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