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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Donald Trump Gold-Plated, Diamond-Encrusted iPhone 7 Costs N64,930,000!!! ORDER YOURS!!!

Present United States President, Donald Trump is definitely not the most loved human being around. However, that has not stopped a company (Goldgenie) from producing a gold-branded Trump iPhone 7 smartphone for his few lovers and supporters - of course most of those are moneybags!

The gold-branded customized Trump iPhone 7 features the  face of Donald Trump on the back of the phone and is also encrusted with diamonds but trust me, the price for this gadget won't smile with your wallet.

Information from CNN Money report says the gold-plated Trump iPhones had been on sale since late 2016. 
The report says the trend started when a Trump fan walked into a Goldgenie store in November 2016 to request for one so her family can present it to Trump after his inauguration the following month.

Like I mentioned earlier, the price of this device is not the type that smiles with your wallet, the Trump customized gold-platted iPhone 7 costs a whooping $151,000!!!

That would set you back about N64,930,000!!!

However, if you have any N65 million naira that you have kept in a shabby house with AC conditioning (lol), the simply head to  GoldGenie to order yourself one of these!

All I have to say is DANG!
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