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Friday, February 10, 2017

HOT: Get FREE 1GB Data On Etisalat!!!

Etisalat new data tweak is here and blazing!

This new Etisalat data tweak gives you a cool 1GB of data FREE with a month validity and it makes use of no VPN or third party apps for connectivity. However, it does require you tweaking your IMEI

So, lets get down to how YOU can get 1GB FREE data on Etisalat.
Image result for etisalat browsing


  • IMEI Analyzer (download HERE)
  • Special IMEI (I will provide those)


  • Install and run IMEI analyzer
  • Analyze the IMEI numbers provided below (do this by adding any random 3 digits after either of the IMEI provided below)
352790086530*** or 352790086532***

  • After successfully analyzing, change your device IMEI to the analyzed IMEI (learn how to change IMEI here - click HERE)
  • After changing your device IMEI dial ussd code *8186 *092840413028038# (do this multiple times)

You will recieve the below text message

"Congratulations your free smartphone 1GB has bee successfully activated, data is valid till.."

NB: If you are not given at first try, keep trying (persistence is key)
Below is 15 tweaked IMEI for easier use, use them or analyze them

  • 352790086569746
  • 352790086550027
  • 352790086546009
  • 352790086513082
  • 352790086510435
  • 352790086586237
  • 352790086561404
  • 352790086581873
  • 352790086550696
  • 352790086530847
  • 352790086592557
  • 352790086530698
  • 352790086518115
  • 352790086596707
  • 352790086569464

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