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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Alternatives As GTBank Enforces Ban On International Transactions via GTB Naira Mastercard

In what is sad news for international online transactors and entrepreneurs, GTBank has enforced a complete ban of all international transactions on their Naira Mastercard.

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GTBank had been the only Nigerian bank that allowed users of the GTB Naira mastercard to spend a maximum of $100 on POS, foreign ATMS and websites.

This is a devastating blow for those depending on the GTB Mastercard to do their online transactions.

Checkout customer interactions on the issue with GTB on their GTB Facebook page below:

However, while this is sad news it is not the end of the world as there remain other alternatives such as:
  • Domiciliary Accounts
  • Cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin etc)
  • Payooner Mastercards (get one HERE)
  • Xapo International ATM card (get one HERE)

These are a few alternatives and I am sure with Nigerians ability to find solutions to any and all hurdles, more alternatives will be discovered over the coming days.

Do you know of any other alternative not mentioned here? Hit the comments box
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