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Saturday, February 4, 2017

5 Ways To Identify Fake News & Internet Hoax

The advent of social media and the wider access to the internet worldwide has paved way for the spread of fake and bogus news items.

Gone are the good days of informative, educative and entertaining content.
The World Wide Web being free allows everyone the liberty of posting and/or sharing literally every and anything.

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There are loads of bogus news on the internet which begs the question of how to go about identifying and dismissing them.

Below are 5 tips to identifying fake news on the internet:


Check the URL

There are some news websites you can never doubt their credibility. However, to spread fake news, the fake news peddlers usually clone these reliable websites. The original website is but when you check the URL, it is which is fake.

Verify News Using Other Sources

When you are unsure of the trustworthiness of any news on a particular website, you should use other sources to confirm. 
Oftentimes, a breaking news will be reported by leading news platforms. If these is not the case, you should tarry a while before reporting or you should just ignore it.

Verify News Via Fact-checking Websites

As fake news becomes a reality we cannot overlook, there are now websites where you can verify any news. is a reliable verifying website

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Check Date Of News Publication

Some individuals just want to be mischievous. They share backdated news that may not be presently relevant. So, you may think the news is true. 
Hence, you may want to check the date before believing such a story.

When A Story Is Too Flamboyant

The news story may be too terrifying, humorous, flamboyant, sympathetic and frustrating. If it features these metrics, you should verify the news from other sources and if you don’t find it from others, it may be a fake news.

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