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Friday, February 24, 2017

Instagram New Feature: You Can Now Upload Up To 10 Photos/Videos Per Post!!!

Video and Photo sharing social media platform Instagram has added a new cool feature to the platform.

The new feature allows Instagram users add up to 10 photos and videos on each Instagram post, this is a massive upgrade and upload allowance (it used to be just a single post or image on a post).

This feature is especially cool for uploading parties and events pictures and videos and it is pretty easy to implement.

When uploading a new post, you simply need to tap the NEW icon seen, this will allow you select multiple videos and pictures (up to 10).

After images/video selection, filters can be applied to all of them at the same time or one after the other, according to your preference.

Post uploads can also be reordered by holding each one and reshuffling them according to preference.

Note that these posts have a single caption, they are square in shape (for now) and your uploads will be displayed on your profile grid with a little icon on the first video or photo indicating that's there is still more photos to view.

In feeds, a blue dots is displayed at the bottom of these posts to let you know they can and should swipe to see more of your uploads.

What do you think of this new addition?
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