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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WTF: The New Nokia 3310 Costs N25,000, Checkout Specs & Features

After the internet went haywire in recent weeks in anticipation of what was expected to be the Nokia 3310 device reborn as an Android, it was later officially discovered that the Nokia 3310 comeback is simply just the old model with a facebeat - and to remain just a feature phone.

That said, the Nokia 3310 has officially been unveiled and while it is not what we wanted, it is pretty cool for a feature phone.

The device features a 2.4 inch QVGA display, a MicroSD card slot and it is powered by Nokia’s Series 30+ software.
The new Nokia 3310 like earlier revealed is lighter, slimmer and smaller while also featuring a  Micro-USB charging port that replaces the pin charger that original model had.

The Nokia 3310 comes in a variety of color choices to choose from i.e  red, yellow, dark blue and matte grey,

The new Nokia 3310 also gets a modern version of the famous "snake" game, though personally I think it looks less interesting and addictive as the one way back then.

Checkout other features in the image below:

According to HMD, the Nokia 3310 has a battery that can last 31 days - a month! - on standby and provide  talk time of 22 hours (as expected).


  • Display: 2.40-inch
  • Front Camera: No
  • Resolution: 240×320 pixels
  • OS: Series 30
  • Storage: 16MB
  • Rear Camera: 2-megapixel
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Price: $52 (about N25,000)
The Nokia 3310 costs about N25,000 - there is NO WAY I am spending my money on this!

Thumbs down to HMD for this ridiculous price.

Would you be getting one of these devices?
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Let us know what you think!

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