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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tech Giants, Others Jointly File Legal Brief Opposing Trump's Immigration Ban

A group of tech giants has on Sunday jointly filed a legal brief opposing President Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban.

This move was expected as the US President's immigration ban move has been met with disagreement from several quarters.

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The tech group which includes giants such as Google, Apple and Microsoft in the legal brief argued that the president's immigration ban “inflicts significant harm on American business.” 
The brief was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit also included top tech firms such as Intel, Facebook and Twitter jointly with support from other non-tech companies which includes the likes of Chobani and Levi Strauss.

The joint legal filing contained signings of almost 100 firms with other notable big names being Netflix, Uber and eBay.

President Trump's administration has a deadline on Monday to justify the executive order temporarily barring immigrants from seven mostly Muslim countries and the entry of refugees, after a federal judge in Seattle blocked it with a temporary restraining order on Friday.

The brief stated: 

“The Order represents a significant departure from the principles of fairness and predictability that have governed the immigration system of the United States for more than fifty years,” 
“The Order inflicts significant harm on American business, innovation, and growth as a result,”  
“Immigrants or their children founded more than 200 of the companies on the Fortune 500 list.”

United States tech firms have notable been the most vocal against president Trump's new policy and rightly so considering that a significant number of staffs are made up of foreign-born nationals. 

We remain crossed toes on how this develops.

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