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Friday, March 17, 2017

How To Bypass Etisalat "Remote Tweak" Config File Installation!!!

The Etisalat "Remote Tweak" remains ever blazing!!!

I had some individuals inbox me asking on how to make use of the tweak on their PC, I promptly responded on how to make use of the Etisalat "Remote Tweak" on PCs.

Recently, I had a user ask me if there was a way to bypass the frankly stressful repeat installation of the configured import Tweak (.Twk) file.

Apparently, we don't like stress - we jut want FREE UNLIMITED browsing with limited hassles.

I have come up with an easy, no-stress way to get the "Remote Tweak" config file permanently available on your device, henceforth you do not need to repeatedly download the config file.

So, leggo! 

Below is a detailed tutorial on how to import the Tweakware "Remote Tweak" .twk config file permanently!
  • Download the Tweakware "Remote Tweak" .twk config file (download HERE)
  • Download Tweakware VPN (download HERE if you do not already have it installed)
  • Launch Tweakware VPN app
  • Goto "Settings"
  • Goto "Import Tweak"
  • Locate and select your downloaded .twk config file
  • It will automatically install itself on your Tweakware VPN app
  • Go back to Tweakware VPN homepage 
  • Select a free server (if you have not upgraded to the premium servers)
  • Hit the "Connect" button
  • T
Tweakware VPN will connect within 5 - 10 seconds and you can now enjoy free browsing, streaming and downloading without stress!!!

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