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Friday, March 10, 2017

Meet The i.Con: World's First Smart Condom!!!

Technology will never cease to come up with gadgets with the "wow", "WTF?!" factor!!!
If you thought you have seen it all, think again!

British Condoms has introduced the i.Con; the world's first smart condom! The i.Con is not actually a condom in itself but works as a wearable ring that men can attach over your regular skin tight, flavored condoms (*winks*).


The i.Con smart condom is essentially used to measure and keep track of your thrust speed when hitting IT, how many calories you are burning when smashing plus how long you last for each round of sex (I guess this is not meant for the brave and not for 1 minute men, lol), and other stats and figures.

The i.Con smart condom comes featuring a micro USB port with which you can plug the device into your PC for a quick, single hour battery recharge. 
This gadget can according to its makers last up to 8 hours of active usage, which I am sure is enough time to do the "business" and the gadget comes with a 1 year warranty.

The i.Con smart condom comes with an accompanying i.Con app with which you can download your recent performance data, once your data is downloaded, the smart condom automatically erases the previous stats to make room for your next sex session data.

According to British Condoms, the i.Con smart condom comes with a band adjustment feature to suit everybody's "tool size". 

The i.Con smart condom is set to launch exclusively in the United Kingdom sometime this year, but with an already high customer interest, the gadget is expected to get a worldwide reach.

What do you think of the i.Con smart condom technology?
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