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Friday, March 3, 2017

Man Gets N530,000 Damages After Suing MTN For "Unauthorized Caller-Tunez Deduction"!!!

Do your service providers deduct your airtime for caller tunez that you did not subscribe for? I know a lot of you are victims of this nefarious act by telcos.

Well, you can make them pay! BIG!!

A plaintiff, Mr. Oluwole Aluko has been awarded N500,000 after filing an "unauthorized caller-tunes deductions" suit against telco MTN.

Image result for mtn caller tunes

The judge ruled that MTN had admitted guilt by not challenging the action.

“The plaintiff has the right to allow or reject the use of a caller tune. MTN cannot force the use of any caller tune on him or anybody because it is unlawful
“Though the plaintiff sought N10 million as damages, but I hold that any damage suffered must be commensurate with the claim. 
“I, hereby, award a cost of N500,000 for the damages suffered and another N30,000 as cost incurred during the court process,” 

So, are you also a victim like Mr Aluko?

Ngwanu, contact your lawyer now and file that suit!

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