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Monday, March 20, 2017

LOL: Scientists Use Quantum Theory To Illustrate Why Jokes Are Funny!!!

In what is a hilarious development, scientist has used quantum theory to explain why puns & jokes are actually funny, lol.

You will agree with me that this sounds like a joke in itself but trust me, its not!

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The researchers in a paper outlined a quantum inspired model of humor, hoping that this new approach may succeed at a more nuanced modelling of the cognition of humor.

One of the corresponding authors of the written work, Liane Gabora (University of British Columbia), explained: 

“Funniness is not a pre-existing ‘element of reality’ that can be measured; it emerges from an interaction between the underlying nature of the joke, the cognitive state of the listener, and other social and environmental factors,” 

The results from this newly developed theory points to the fact that apart from information delivery, something else is happening on a cognitive level that makes the joke as a whole funny whereas its deconstructed components are not, and which makes a quantum approach appropriate to study this phenomenon.

Researchers have over the past decades attempted to explain the phenomenon of humour and what happens on a cognitive level in the moment when we “get the joke”. 

During the build-up of the joke, we interpret the situation one way, and once the punch line comes, there is a shift in our understanding of the situation, which gives it a new meaning and creates the comical effect, the authors noted.

Although much work remains before the completion of a formal quantum theory model of humour, the findings provide an exciting first step and opens for the possibility of a more nuanced modeling of humour, the team said.

Well, well... 

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