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Monday, March 27, 2017

The 08030004900 Hoax: Debunking The Rumors

In the aftermath of the sad suicide of a Medical doctor who jumped into the 3rd mainland bridge lagoon, a hoax has reared its head online and on ALL social media platforms mainly but not limited to instant messaging app: Whatsapp.

This hoax that originated from Whatsapp has also made its way to major social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

The hoax state that a certain phone number 08030004900 , is responsible for the doctor's suicide act as it was this number that called the doctor prior to his suicide.

Below is the hoax message:

"Gud evening ,i hope u guys ave heard dat d police saved anoda woman tryn to jump into d lagoon today..pls my sisters dis is d number calling dem..08030004900... i didnt really blive until a friend tld me d number called her nd started sayn sum enchantment and d nxt thing she heard waz tld to 08030004900 kill her self wit any possible means she has... d same number called her friends broda in skul nd if nt for her friend's broda roommate dat stop him.. he wud ave stabbed himself wit d knife in his hands.. so pls sisters lets pass dis information.. nd lets also b prayerful.. d was d same number dat called dat doctor dat jumped into d lagoon too... #TAKEHEED"
"Pls don't pick calls from d number. Two of my course mates were saved cos dey missed d call. pls spread the news"

This is however simply an unfounded rumor, a hoax!

According to my detailed research and findings,

  1. The said "evil" number 08030004900 is simply an MTN Nigeria telemarketing line used for promotions (this is surely not unheard of)
  2. The number is a longer, much more optical appealing phone number to the usual 4900 MTN uses for such promotional calls, in a bid to increase the likelihood of MTN subscribers picking up the promotional voice calls i.e full digit is 0803-000-4900 (you see?)
  3. 4900 or 0803-000-4900 is simply used by MTN for their callertunez promotion services
It is in NO WAY connected or related to the suicide incident and NO it does not push anybody to commit suicide, lol

Please disregard and debunk such rumors.

However, if you decide to be the highly spiritual ones who prefer to be on the "safe" side: checkout: Top 5 Spam Calls/Text Blacklist Android Apps and use them to blacklist the number.

Hope you have found this helpful, please share this with loved ones and stop the panic!

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