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Monday, March 6, 2017

Top 5 Spam Calls/Text Blacklist Android Apps

Do you keep getting bogged by spam calls or is there a particular number that you would like to stop calling you? Well, there are a lot of apps that you can use to achieve this.

It is not uncommon that companies (mostly telcos) make use of normal looking telephone numbers to make unsolicited calls to market their products/services. The NCC introduced the Do-not-disturb feature to stop similar texts but you can stop unsolicited calls via call blocker apps.

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Below is a list of top call blocker apps that you should checkout:


Image result for truecaller

Truecaller is one of the best and popular Android apps for blocking spam calls. It already has over 100 million downloads, the app features a lot of dope attributes and being a call blocker happens to be one of them.

Download Truecaller HERE

Mr. Number

Image result for mr number app

Mr Number is another cool, unique app that comes featuring a list of spam numbers it automatically blocks. Users can add other desired numbers to the spam list and block those too!

Download Mr Number HERE

Calls Blacklist

Image result for calls blacklist app

Identifying numbers has never been easier, with this app you can easily identify numbers that you don't want to receive call from and subsequently block them.

Download Calls Blacklist HERE

Call Control

Image result for call control app

This is another easy to use app, with this app you can block both unsolicited calls as well as text messages.

Download Call Control HERE


Image result for antinuisanse app

This is the last app on my list, This app allows you to block spam calls, texts as well as block unknown callers at the click of a button!

Download Antinuisance HERE

Download any of these apps on your android device and keep spam callers away!
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